Get Your Work Out There!

While I was studying at university, still trying to work out what area of photography I wanted to pursue, the best advice that I was given was to “get your work out
there”. Social media sites are the best tool for getting your work seen. It’s free and easily accessible to anyone. There are a number of sites that I currently use:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Flickr as well as having my own website, which came later. 

I am passing this advice onto anyone who is at the very beginning of their photography journey. If you can’t afford your own website, social media is the next best
thing. I started out with a Facebook Business Page and used this as my website to start with. 

 Flickr has been around for a long time now and when I first signed up to it, I used it more for inspiration to start with. It is a great site to upload your own
images and use as your online portfolio. You can also join groups with communities of like-minded people, great for sharing tips and getting feedback on your photos. 

Instagram has become HUGE and is a really great tool because it is image based; perfect for a photographer! The use of hashtags give your images more of a chance of  being seen. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags and the more you tag, the more your image will be found so try to use all 30. 

I have found that Twitter is good for getting your business out to a wider audience. Again hashtags are useful. There are also ‘hours’ that are good for advertising your business and for networking
with like-minded people. An ‘hour’ is one hour on a set day of the week at a set time and you can easily advertise in more than one! 

I use my Twitter more for as a personal account, as well as for my interests in photography and my business. It’s good to keep each platform slightly different, as you will get followers that follow you across all platforms, so posting a variety of things on each platform keeps things interesting for your followers.

These are the sites I personally use, but there are plenty more out there. You will like some more than others so get a feel for what you think showcases your work

Next week, I will blog about how I set up my photography website

New Year Photography Projects

Happy New Year! I know we are already 2 weeks in, but I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year! 

If your photography juices have stopped flowing or you’re looking to refresh your motivation for the new year, these projects should help to get you thinking about photography again! Starting a project is also good if you’re not sure what area of photography you want to go into yet and a great way to experiment.

1. Project 365

One of the most popular projects is to take one photo every day for a year. You could give it a theme, for example food, people, or a self-portrait every day or just simply try to take one photo each day, no matter what the subject. This should try to encourage you to keep your camera with you and look for inspiration. 

2. Project 52

Similar to Project 365 but instead of each day, you aim to take a photo once a week. If you know you are not going to be able to take a photo every day, then this may be better for you.

3. One Second a Day Video Project

Not a photography project, but if you fancy trying something different, then this is a great one for you! If you have a camera with a video setting, then you can make a time lapse of your year by shooting a one second clip of your day each day, for a year. You will end up with a 6 and a half minute montage of your year!

For more project ideas, I would highly recommend Photocrafty: 75 Creative Camera Projects For You And Your Digital SLR. A few of my favourite projects from this book are Shoot 50 Shots (a great one to get you used to your camera and thinking about composition), Reflections and Colour (taking photos of just one colour like the example below)

Christmas Film Foodie Moments

I’ve been watching all my favourite Christmas films this year! And I’ve listed my top 5 favourite foodie moments! 

5. BAD SANTA - Fix you some sandwiches

Bad Santa is one of my absolute favourite Christmas films! And I love sandwiches too - who doesn’t!?

4. SANTA CLAUSE THE MOVIE - I brought you some cocoa

Ok so this isn’t exactly food but every time I see this scene where the elf explains her amazing hot cocoa recipe, it always has me craving one! I couldn’t find the exact scene but found a clip of a recipe with a snippet of the scene! 

3. HOME ALONE 2 - Room service ice cream

A classic Christmas film that is always on my ‘must watch at Christmas’ list every year! He’s living the dream!

2. JINGLE ALL THE WAY - Put the cookie down

A great Christmas film and a classic line! 

1. ELF - The spaghetti breakfast scene

Another one of my absolute favourite Christmas films! His spaghetti breakfast is hilarious!

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